Hurricane Beryl

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Disaster Relief

Major Disaster Response

If a major disaster or a major loss occurs to your credit union, and or its members and community, an authorized Credit Union representative must make contact with Corp-EFF Insurance Company Ltd. CICL, utilizing the following contact information: Telephone # 1 767 4409052/ 1 767 4409057 of email us at [email protected]

The Credit Union Representative Must:

  • Identify him or herself and state position with the Credit Union.
  • State the contact information for the Credit Union
  • State the nature of the loss
  • State the nature of the event
  • Any special needs the credit union /Member has

Based on the information provided, Corp-EFF Insurance will respond quickly to work with the said Credit Union to offer the best assistance possible. Based on the nature of the request, Corp-EFF Insurance may assign a team to evaluate the situation to assist in the speedy manner.